A Brilliant Job Application Made Easy

How do you make your job applications stand out?  How do you get more job interviews?

What is the secret to applying for work?

We will unravel the mystery. We will help you make excellent job applications, whether that's by:

·        curriculum vitae (CV)

·        cover letter

·        application form

·        or a combination of the above


In addition there's lots of useful information about recruitment.  Have a look at the topics down the left hand side one by one, or jump to any particular topic you want more information about.


There are also various CV and cover letter templates for your use. 


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A key idea behind this website is that any job application you submit is an advert for you.

Just like a commercial advert aims to promote a product/service, your job application is promoting you.

For this reason, many “rules” of marketing and advertising also apply when it comes to applying for work. 


Your Job Application Is Your Advert 

Imagine you were creating an advert to sell one of your possessions.  You would try to promote it in the best possible light, emphasise its good points, and generally try to make the possession as desirable as possible.


Your advert would also include contact information.  In addition there will be competition as your advert wouldn't be the only advert out there.  For the advert to be effective, great thought will need to go into:

·        the needs of your potential customers

·        the overall presentation of the advert

·        what content (words and pictures) to use

·        how and where the advert is placed

Think of the time and effort companies put into advertising their goods and services – it’s a multi-billion pound industry. 

Huge amount of research is done to find out about customer behaviour, profiling, demographics and the factors that influence a person to buy. 

Experts in business, sales, and psychology all combine on behalf of companies to put promotional campaigns together.  No stone is left unturned to get the most impact from an advert. 

You also need to adopt a similar mind-set in learning to create the maximum impact from your job applications. 

With the right research and effort there is no reason why you can’t make the right impact, and get the job interviews.

Initially your job application is the only link to an employer so it’s crucial to get it right.


If you saw an advert that wasn’t pleasing to the eye, had spelling mistakes, or had incomplete information, would you think positively about the company behind it?  Probably not, so make sure it doesn’t happen with your own job applications. 


Your applications are either increasing, or decreasing your credibility – there is no middle ground. 

Help Your Job Application Promote You

Ultimately you have the most to gain from promoting yourself.  So don't put a quick application together then fire it out to every job.

Put the necessary research and time into EVERY application, its well worth the time.

You were present during the jobs you did well.  You'll know about the individual tasks and accomplishments that you achieved.  The problems you overcame.  

You'll know about all the training courses you did and the qualifications you achieved. 

You'll know about the job shadowing you did, what you like to learn about and what you're knowledgeable about.

No one else has experienced your life so they can never promote you, as well as you.  

Use the information in this website to learn to market yourself.  Don’t worry if this idea seems mind boggling. 

This just means YOU have to become an expert at finding, emphasising and promoting your strengths.  

It means YOU need to put yourself forward in the best light possible.  

It also involves knowing your weaknesses so you can work on them before employers pick up on them.


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The employer is your targeted customer - the prospect.  We will help you research them and identify their needs.  Only by knowing prospects needs can any marketing effort be successful.  

Move away from the hit and hope mentality.  Too many applicants do it.  

When an employer looks at an application that's not been adapted to the job or organisation - it doesn't appeal.   It will probably get binned.  

Jobs you really want to get demand you SHOW how you will EXCEL at the job.  

We're not going to wish you luck with your applications - we'll help you create your own luck!